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Be Active.Think Active.

Activity tracking for children aged 7+ in the classroom


Empowering children to understand their health and wellbeing through data literacy

Running man to represent activity tracking

Activity tracking & well-being

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Interactive Classroom Hub

Lion outline representing childrens avatars

Privacy Protecting Avatars

Mountain icon representing challenges

Classroom Challenges

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Data insights & reporting

DevelopingHealthier Lifestyles.

Think Active provides a fun and interactive means for children to learn more about their activity levels. We put children’s health first, improving data literacy in a safe and secure environment.

Active Hub tablet where children sync their data

What comes in the kit?

Single Active Band activity tracker

Active Bands

A tracker like no other, actually its pretty similar. Just with a water resistant design, durable strap, a fun avatar icon and a step counter. No biggie... oh and it lasts 14 days with 24/7 activity tracking.

Active Hub where children can sync their data

Active Hub

A focal point in the classroom for the children to congregate around. The ActiveHub lets the children answer health and nutritional questions, view their teams challenges and get motivated to be more active!

Active Portal to organise your deployments, manage teams, and access data analytics

Active Portal

Our comprehensive kit management solution. This portal lets you set challenges, manage deployments and manage your equipment. Each deployment's activity data is safely stored here to generate reports with our insights services.

Designed for Children

Our playful and interactive kit encourages kids to hit the next level together. We believe we can effect change through building a relationship between a child and their activity data.

Active Band

Designed for children, no mobile phone required

360 icon

24 hr Activity

We track activity levels (steps only) all day and all night. Understand how to improve activity levels beyond the school day.

Privacy Protecting Avatars

We believe data should be anonymised at source. Thats why we use avatars to identify your band and data. Its then up to you, who you share this with.

Water Resistant

We love water, just not in our electronics. The Active Band has been engineered to keep water out and data safe.

Wireless Syncing

No-wires, no docks, no waiting around. The ActiveHub silently syncs data from each band up to our secure servers.

Made for Kids

Designed to withstand even the most active of kids. Our straps are secure, durable and comfortable.

14 Day Battery Life*

Five days wasn’t good enough for us, so weeked a whopping 14 days out of our ActiveBand. Let the children complete challenges, not charges.


All our data is stored securely in our Think Active Cloud. We never store any identifiable information from children. You own your data – we provide services for you to make the most of it.

Active Hub

At home in the classroom, the social hub for data

Distraction Free Syncing

Active Hub syncs in the background, no sync pads… Children can view their data on the Hub when they feel comfortable in groups or by themselves.


Re-energise the classroom with a bit a friendly competition. Red vs Blue, Mr. Archer’s class vs Mrs. Briggs’ or year 3 vs year 4. Let the kids track their progress on the Active Hub and smash their goals.

Personal & Private

The Active Band acts as a password to each child’s data. Only they can view their data whilst their Active Band is in range using a tap to confirm the action on their personal band.

Avatars bursting out of Active Hub

Measure your impact.

Gain insights into activity levels in and out of school like never before. Think Active provides unrivalled child movement analytics, enabling your organisation to quantitively measure performance of interventions.

Active Portal

Manage your deployments and gain insights into your data

Management at Scale

Our unique Think Active Portal provides you with the tools to monitor, manage and monitor your deployed kits.

Set Challenges

Provide playful and enticing challenges to children, encouraging them to go the extra mile e.g. “Lets walk to the Moon!”, “Around the World in 20 days etc”.

Create Custom Reports

Build compelling insights from your deployment data. Evidence the impact of your interventions to funders and provide overviews to parents.

Active Portal team management screen
Active Portal organisation management screen
Active Portal data insights screen

Why Buy Think Active?

For Children

Healthier & Happier

Through greater understanding of their activity levels we aim to provoke healthier lifestyles and happier children.

Team Challenges

Encouraging children to work together to achieve their goals, helping out their friends and being more active together!

Data Literacy

Learn about statistics and scientific analysis in a more engaging environment with personal data literacy materials.

For Teachers

Minimal Distraction

Syncing of data is performed wirelessly in the background. No distractions means more time for you.

New Teaching Materials

Teach science and statistics like never before with personal data sets and interactive reporting tools for use in lessons.

Privacy Centric

Rest easy knowing that only teachers hold your child's identifiable data. No identifiable data is stored by us at Think Active.

For Organisations

Access Funding

Our unrivalled insights services provide you with the impact assessment materials you need to win funding opportunities.

Manage Deployments

Our unique Think Active Portal provides a means to orchestrate multiple deployments. Collating data from across your organisation.

Stand Out From the Rest

Think Active is a truly unique proposition. Providing an engaging environment for kids to be more active. When included in your programs, you stand above the rest.

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